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At the heart of what we do, our priority is offering our creators, you, MORE. And we care deeply. Besides bringing brand deals and fun opportunities, we work to grow your channels, take care of negotiations, and sling you cool projects that come our way.

Our talent management is devoted to being your hype team and expanding on opportunities.

"I love the Digital Fox Talent Network. They are the embodiment of exactly what you would want and what every content creator would dream of in a Talent Management team. These guys are friendly, stay in touch, pick up your phone calls at all hours and want the best for us."

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Brand Partners

We work with:

Abercrombie Fitch Influencers
Penguin Influencers
Amazon Influencers
Pandora Influencers
Hello Fresh Influencers
Donatos Influencers
Audible Influencers
Dominos Influencers


We are lucky to work with our mighty talent community. Here’s what our creators have to say about us.

Case studies

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We're lucky to work with some of the biggest brands in the lifestyle space, on the biggest lifestyle influencer marketing projects. Here's a bit more of what we do.